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Swampyfish released on Google Play!

Since we were on SSOSTA Gaming Cup and lot of you showed interest in Swampyfish game, that we've been presenting, I've decided, to remake the game from scratch. The old version was with lots of bugs and also resolution problems, that needed to be repaired. Because of we haven't got any source files except images, I had to do everything again.

The game principle is simple. Just tap on the screen to get little orange fish keep swimming. When you tap, fish changes the direction from one side to another. Avoid objects like stones, corals, anchors, hooks and so on to don't loose.
You can also collect little blue fish, which adds you health shown in right down corner. There's also special "rage mode", that makes the fish swim faster, uncontrollable and also the score is adding much quicker. You can beat your friends and get your score
written in stats table.

The Short History

Swampyfish was made in approx. 2016 as a two man project, where one made graphics and I've been working on everything else. Then influencer called "Seven" or a guy behind the Indian's "Sixty Seconds" made a short video seen by around 3k viewers. He uploaded the game on his website, where were score stats. The highest played score was 1048, which was impossible to overcome. Mine was up to 863. The overall downloads were around 900-1000 and also we made webgl version. Nowadays, the game is published on Google Play, hopefully it'll break our personal records!

For now It's just first release and we plan to add much more features such as skins, special powerups, events and more. We'll hopefully keep on blogging about Swampyfish and see you later! Here are some screenshots to get an idea about how it is like to play Swampyfish.

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